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I want to first start off by saying thank you for visiting my blog and whether you're an avid angler, a novice or someone seeking inspiration through the raw beauty of nature, I hope this is a beneficial visit for you. Throughout the course of my life, I've had the opportunity to do some world travel, mostly for work, however I've been lucky enough to tie a few knots along the way, cast a few lures and challenge my angling ability in a variety of estuaries. However through those travels, what I have

realized is that in all the years I've spent fishing, there is no other species of fish I would rather target than Speckled Trout. Typically known as a "Spotted Sea Trout" by others outside of the Gulf Coast states, my home waters of the Louisiana Delta are teeming with speckled trout, and are generally considered the most sought after fish, edging out Mr. Redfish by a sheer margin. That said, there is truly something magical about these fish, from the "tap" of a trout taking a plastic grub, setting the hook - feeling the bend in your rod and seeing their head shake on top of the water - its no wonder that most anglers who've pursued them push their limits for that" just one more" strike. Again, its magical. Keeping that in mind, as of late I've particularly found myself wanting to target big Trout exclusively (5 lbs or more) which is considered a trophy fish for most anglers. As a result, this blog is dedicated to those spotted "silver wonders", because like targeting them during an expedition, the puzzle of clues they leave for an angler, transpires to life and how we live it. In short, its a challenge that requires patience, perseverance, and intelligence, but the reward is beautiful, just like speckled trout. Enjoy and I hope you come back to visit!

God Bless and Tight Lines!


The Speckled Truth

From the “tap” to the technique, The Speckled Truth will cover everything you need to know about the experience surrounding speckled trout fishing. For more information check out the about me section or contact me if you have any questions.