“Dirty 30” and State Trophy Trout Citation Program

As an organization focused on the pursuit of trophy speckled trout, the Speckled Truth tries to do all that we can to enhance our understanding of our passion. Since 2017, the Speckled Truth has operated the “Dirty 30” Citation Program and expanded the program in 2018 to include the State Trophy Trout Citation Program. These programs facilitate data collection to allow us to better understand how to target and conserve the trophy class of the speckled trout population.

To operate the program, we are 100% reliant upon likeminded trophy trout fisherman to submit citation data, and the findings from the citation data are shared across the Speckled Truth community. In return for each submittal, we provide each angler with program specific tokens to memorialize the accomplishment and show our appreciation. As always, the “Dirty 30” and state citation stickers cannot be bought, only earned.

Who Can Enter

Any angler, regardless of state or estuary, can submit a speckled trout meeting the 27” minimum mark for the State Trophy Trout Citation Program or the magical 30” minimum mark for the “Dirty 30” Citation Program. Artificial lures and fish release are encouraged but not required.

Guides/Charter Captains CAN submit fish into the program. This includes clients or guests on a charter. As long as the submission criteria is met, we will mail the citation and sticker to the participant.

Each participant can submit multiple entries to each citation program, but we will only mail 2 stickers/citations per participant.

How to Submit Your Catch

To submit a fish for a citation, we need a picture to verify the length criteria have been met and details of the catch to support data analysis.

Please ensure you take good quality pictures that clearly show the fish measurement. Bump boards, rod rulers and measuring tapes are all acceptable means. That said, if the only measuring device you have is a few cans of Bud Light or reference points on a rod, that will suffice as reference length if you give the fish the best chance at survival. We just ask that you provide a measurement of the reference item as verification.

All submittals for the “Dirty 30” and State Trophy Trout Citation Program will be received by completion of our Citation Entry Form. All details of the required information to complete a citation submittal are consolidated on the form.

Speckled Truth moderators maintain the right to accept or refuse any submission. No submission will be denied without sound dialogue between the submitter and Speckled Truth.

Other Details

We love sharing the passion for these trophies through our social media platforms. However, we are very cognizant and respectful of fishing spots/areas. If you tell us not to share on social media, we will not - that’s out of respect for you and the fish. However, we retain the right to share or not share pictures and content, as appropriate.
So that’s it! A free-to-enter program to help us better gauge and understand this rare accomplishment. As always, we thank you for supporting Speckled Truth and our endless pursuit to safeguard our resource and provide you angling information to make you a better speckled trout angler.

Please reach out to us through our social media or at speckledtruthcitations@gmail.com if there are any questions or issues related to citation submittals.

The Speckled Truth

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