Unhook The Bow...Launching Into 2017

It’s a pure and iconic mental image. A boat gliding off its skids into the calm dark water, infusing its way into the breathless unknown. The subdued glow of the trailer lights giving way to an increasingly brighter horizon. The obnoxious rattling of the guidepost being overshadowed by the serenity of nature. And the unmistakable sound of the front winch releasing the anticipation of a new challenge. Without a doubt, this most basic maneuver in the angling handbook has complexity and distinction. So it’s only fitting this analogy is chosen as the Speckled Truth “launches” into the New Year.

What once started as a simple hobby of authoring emotion about speckled trout fishing, now has a brand to encompass the lifestyle. Fanatical as it may seem, these fish and the anglers that pursue them, relentlessly seek to possess and provide the serenity of its “truth.” A once anonymous source, now has an unmistakable identification, as well as a flourishing community. Guidepost such as capturing the experience and protecting the resource label what we impart. While angling tips and product reviews supplement what we furnish. All of which are accomplished through the website and our social media outlets, but that’s not the point.

You see, before we crank the virtual motor, bump into gear and idle into 2017, I ask that you join us. Be willing to grow as an angler, and even more as a sportsman. Much like the anticipation of pulling up to your favorite spot, I’m excited about our growth and what’s in store. That said, I'm even more excited about fostering a movement to passionately protect the fish we love so much.

So, with passion in our hearts and a direction on our mind, the only thing left for us to do is unhook the bow and experience what’s “below the surface!”

God bless and Happy New Year everyone!

The Speckled Truth

From the “tap” to the technique, The Speckled Truth will cover everything you need to know about the experience surrounding speckled trout fishing. For more information check out the about me section or contact me if you have any questions.