Troutmasters - Instructors of Trout Fishing

If your a consistent reader of my blog, you know that I'm a speckled trout finatic. However, for those of you that are new to my site, it won't take long for you to see that its not only an addiction, but that it started early in life.

To give you an idea, when I was 12, while most of my friends were outside playing kick the can or wiffle ball, I was respooling my reels, retying my baits and studying the map for the next days trip. Most of the time, my dad's friends would take their boat to "follow us out", but what ended up happening most of the time, is that I'd be the one driving, operating the trolling motor and retying lures. I loved it, and if it wasn't for baseball, it would have consumed my life. After a while, they'd just end up calling the house to ask my dad if Bean, my nickname when I was young, could go with them. I was like a free charter captain, despite the tips and fish cleaning service, but it didn't stop there. What I didn't learn on the water, I learned from articles in Louisiana Sportsman, Gulf Coast Angler Magazine and TX Saltwater Fishing magazine. Glossy cover photo's of big trout being held up fueled the fire. In short, I was a student of trout fishing, and the "troutmasters" in the magazines were my instructors.

Now 34 years old, my priorities have changed. However, I still love to pursue trophy trout, almost exclusively, and since my time on the water is extremely limited, I spend most of my time reading and writing about trout fishing. That being said, the list below includes the names of Troutmasters from across the Gulf Coast that I choose to follow and I'd suggest you'd do the same. By tapping into the knowledge each of these anglers possess you can't help but become a better trout fisherman. Here are a few to Google:

Fortunately, I've met a few of these anglers and some of them I have the honor to call friends. What you'll find through this list, is that age isn't a common denominator, but persistence and pursuit for "big fish" is. It is my life long dream to be included in a list of sorts, but until that day, I'll pass you off to those that are true troutmasters. Happy reading...be prepared to look at a lot of Big Trout!

God Bless and Tight lines.


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