Speckled Truth State Trophy Trout Citation Program Guidelines

Last year was a resounding success for the Dirty 30 Program. As stated we had 59 entries in the inaugural year across 5 of the 9 different states (TX, MS, AL, FL & NC), but like anything there is always room for improvement. Since our focus lies purely with data collection, there is something to be said for capturing trophy trout just mere inches from that magical 30” mark. As a result, we’re starting a Trophy Trout Program for 9 different states (TX, LA, MS, AL, FL, GA, SC, NC & VA). Before I get into some program specifics, I want to say that this program is completely separate from the overarching Dirty 30 Program, which is a compilation of all the 30” trout regardless of state affiliation.


Understanding completely that a 27” or greater trout from the South Carolina coast is as impressive as a 30” Texas giant feeds directly into growing our data set. By capturing both, regardless of estuary, we now have a larger sample size of fish in a similar class. By having a larger sample size provides us greater fidelity to how we target, and even more important, how we manage this special subset of fish. As a result, we created this program for trout 27” or greater but less than 30”. The program will start 1 Oct 2018 and run through 30 Sep 2019.

*As aforementioned, this is a program for each of the 9 states:
Virginia, North Carolina, South Carolina, Georgia, Florida, Alabama, Mississippi, Louisiana, Texas


Like the Dirty 30 Program, each entry is free and can be submitted in a variety of ways.


In order for us to accurately capture your catch we will need to provide the following:

IMPORTANT: Fish/Pictures without a measuring device will NOT be accepted


For each valid submission, each participant will receive a State Sticker specifically drawn by Brandon Finnorn at The Bonnie Fly (www.thebonniefly.com) For fish caught/submitted on estuaries with bordering waters (Biloxi Marsh, Sabine, etc…) the State Sticker will be issued for the waters where the fish was actually caught, not the home address of the participant.


As with the Dirty 30 program, we are embarking into the unknown of how this will truly play out. However, after witnessing the incredible support all of our followers displayed I have no doubt that this will be as equally as successful and popular.

So now with a basis of guidelines set, I wish each of you a productive Trophy Trout Season.

Tight lines and God Bless!

The Speckled Truth

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