Speckled Truth "Dirty 30" Citation Program

In the world of trophy speckled trout fishing one number stands above the rest – 30. Despite not knowing who established this as the angling benchmark, it’s clearly the holy grail and a pretty elite club. Maybe it’s because biologist inform us that only a small percentage grow to such lengths, or maybe it’s the intangibles, like angling intellect and skill, which it represents. Either way, it’s the basis for obsession and consumes any trophy angler’s thoughts and concept, myself included.

Having said that, Speckled Truth is initiating a Free to Enter Annual “Dirty 30” Program starting 1 October 2017 and it will run until 30 September 2018. Modeled after the Virginia Citation program, the goal of this program is to see how many 30 inch speckled trout anglers produce in a year. Understanding that Speckled Truth Anglers make up a small subset of trout fisherman along the coast, by capturing this data it may give us a better understanding of the odds of catching such a large fish. Better yet, as this program matures it may give us valuable insight as to why some years were better than others, or vice versa. Regardless of the outcome, we hope your participate and share this endeavor within your angling circle.

Who Can Enter

Any angler, regardless of state or estuary can submit a Speckled Trout as long as it meets that magical mark of 30 inches. Whether you catch it solo or on a guided trip, if you catch it, you can submit it and it cost you absolutely nothing. Having said that, Speckled Truth moderators maintain the right to accept or refuse any submission. No submission will be denied without sound dialogue between the submitter and Speckled Truth. Artificial lures and Fish Release are encouraged, but not required (more on that below).

How to Enter A Fish

If an angler wishes to enter the program, remember the 3 “P’s” (Picture, Post, and Provide):

IMPORTANT - Pictures not capturing the entire fish will NOT be accepted

A spreadsheet containing this information will be located on the www.thespeckledtruth.com homepage and will be updated as needed

Why Participate

In other words, why not? This is an elite club plus you help gather some pretty useful data about an extremely small subset of speckled trout. We will also send you a “Dirty 30” sticker to cement the occasion. Additionally, once your submission is approved (discussed above), you will automatically be entered into the end of year drawing for a prize package.

Note – Each angler will get a sticker for every submission. Successfully releasing a 30” trout will get you an additional entry into the drawing. Not releasing your fish or lack of video evidence will only allow you to be entered once for the end of year drawing if 2 or more fish have been approved

So that’s it! A free-t- enter program to help us better gauge and understand this rare accomplishment. As always we thank you for supporting Speckled Truth and our endless pursuit to safeguard our resource and provide you angling information to make you a better speckled trout angler.

If you have any questions regarding the program or want to reach out to us in general, use our contact us page or email us at speckledtruth@gmail.com

Until next time, tight lines and God Bless!


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