Old School October 2022

Old School October 2022 is the 3rd annual Catch, Photo, Release (CPR) tournament hosted by Speckled Truth. The Speckled Truth is dedicated to the conservation of trophy Speckled Trout from the East Coast to the Gulf Coast.

Old School October takes place from October 1st - October 31st, 2022. Anglers may compete from anywhere where it is possible to catch Speckled Trout!

All anglers participating in the tournament will use DOA Shrimp. One pack of DOA will be provided with your registration.

The tournament prizes will be issued in a raffle format. For each Speckled Trout submitted greater than 20", the angler will have one raffle entry. Upon conclusion of the tournament, all entries will be compiled and prizes will be drawn at random. The more fish you submit equals more raffle entries & therefore higher odds of winning.

Once registered, anglers will be mailed a package including a unique tournament token, a decal, and a pack of DOA Shrimp. This tournament token MUST be included in the picture of each submissions. Without this identifier your submissions will not be accepted.


  1. Registration will be open from Sept. 10th - October 3rd.
  2. $40 entry fee.
  3. The tournament begins October 1st, 2022. Any fish caught before this date may not be submitted.
  4. All tournament submissions must be sent to SpeckledTruth@gmail.com no later than 11:59pm EST, October 31st, 2022.
  5. All submissions must show your unique tournament token and the ENTIRE fish on a legible measuring device/ruler. (If we cannot see the length measurement AND the tournament token your catch will not count).
  6. Only fish caught with DOA Shrimp may be submitted.
  7. You may purchase additional packs of DOA Shrimp from anywhere that sells them.
  8. No fish under 20” will be accepted.
  9. All fish are encouraged to be released after measuring/photographing.
  10. Anglers must use the tournament token that is assigned to them, Sharing tokens is prohibited. Anglers are responsible for their own tokens.
  11. A fish can only be submitted once, and the fish must be submitted by the person who caught it.
  12. Tournament officials have final say in all issues regarding rules and submissions. Submissions and anglers can be disqualified at any time.

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